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Veneer: A veneer is a tooth coloured covering on the tooth without cutting much of the tooth structure. It is usually done on the front teeth mainly incisors and canine. A Veneer can alter – tooth position, shape, and size. Veneers can also close spaces, create a great smile, and can change the colour of your teeth.

Veneers can be done directly (chair-side) or indirectly.

Composite veneers can be bonded to teeth using tooth coloured bonding material applied directly on to the teeth. Light is used to set the material. Usually with composite veneers the work is done in one sitting.

A porcelain veneer requires 0.5 to 1mm removal of the tooth enamel. The dentist makes a mould of the tooth and sends it to the dental laboratory. Once the veneers have returned from the lab the dentist applies the veneers to the teeth using a bonding material.